Professional Electric Dog Fence Wire | Solid Core Heavy Duty Direct Ground Burial Rated Perimeter Wire | Stands Up to The Elements on Any Wired Underground Dog Fence - 14 Gauge Wire - 1000 ft



  • 14 Gauge Dog Fencing Wire – eXtreme Dog Fence’s Superior Quality Professional Grade Dog Fence Wire – for Buried Installation, Above Ground Installation, or Installation on Existing Physical Fence
  • 1000 Foot Continuous Spool (for Coverage Up to 1 Acre) – Eliminates the Need for Splicing Wires Together
  • HMW Polyethylene Coating – Superior Protection Against UV Rays and Water Exposure
  • Universally Compatible With All Wired Electric Dog Fence Systems – All Brands and Wired Applications

eXtreme Dog Fence Wire Products Are PROUDLY Manufactured in the United States with True American Craftsmanship

Product description

Pattern Name:1000 Feet – 1 Acre  |  Size:14 Gauge – Professional Grade

1000 Feet (Up to 1 Acre) of Max Grade, Industrial 14 Gauge Solid Copper Core Pet Fence Wire (The Best Dog Fence Wire Available ANYWHERE, Guaranteed)

The eXtreme Dog Fence brand 14 gauge is the absolute best, longest lasting and most reliable pet fence wire, no matter whether you incorporate it into your D.I.Y. dog fence, or are replacing the wire on your professionally installed pet fence system (ie: Invisible Fence brand). This wire is going to provide 20+ years of reliable performance either buried, run above ground, or secured to an existing physical fence (to deter digging under or jumping over).

When it comes to the safety of our beloved pets, this eXtreme Dog Fence boundary wire proves to perform among the very best.

eXtreme Dog Fence brand wire is compatible with ALL underground pet fence brands, such as:

Invisible Fence
Dog Watch
Contain Your Pet
Dog Guard
Perimeter Technologies
eXtreme Dog Fence
and ALL Others