NPS No Shock Bark Collar Orange for Small to Large Dogs - Smart Chip Adjusts to Stop Barking in 1 Minute - Highly Effective Vibration and Sound Stops Barks Fast with No Pain - Safe, Anti-Bark Device (Copy)



  • ✅ NO PAIN, NO SHOCKS: A combination of vibration and sound increases in intensity the longer your dog barks for highly effective and trauma-free anti-barking correction training for your dog and your peace of mind. Cycles through 7 level of intensity in 1 minute.
  • ✅ HANDS-FREE: Our revolutionary Smart Chip microprocessor detects barking and automatically increases in intensity the longer barking continues – until your dog stops. No remote needed and no monitoring on your part required. Completely waterproof.
  • ✅ FOR DOGS 6-120 LBS: Fits small to medium to large dogs, 3 months old and up. The device is 1. 5” x 1. 5” x 2. 5”. The nylon cinch collar (no holes) can be adjusted to fit the smallest pet. The largest collar diameter is approximately 8” or 25” in circumference.
  • ✅ NO FALSE TRIGGERS: Growling, shaking, scratching or other dogs barking won’t trigger the collar and prevents confusing your pet during the training process. The collar is triggered only by your dog’s bark and includes an overvoltage safety chip.
  • ✅ LIGHTWEIGHT AND COMFORTABLE: The hypoallergenic fabric collar is fully adjustable and designed to distribute the anti-bark device’s light weight across the scruff area of the neck. It’s so comfortable, your pet won’t even know it’s on.

Product Description

Get your peace of mind and quiet life back with our highly effective and humane bark and behavioral training dog collar uses vibration and sound waves to stop barking fast – without traumatizing your pup! No electrodes and no painful shocks. Our revolutionary bark-detection microprocessing unit cycles through 7 levels of vibration and sound combinations to stop barking within 1 minute. The + and – buttons on the device increase and decrease the intensity level of the collar. 2 plastic prongs on the device rest against your dog’s neck to detect barking, then delivers the vibration while the device beeps. Our automatic and intelligent bark collar filters extraneous sounds and vibrations and detects only your dog’s barks before activating, eliminating false triggers. Shaking, scratching, growling or other dogs’ barking will not activate the dog collar. The collar must be snug to detect barking properly.

Once the collar detects and activates, it will cycle through the each levels until your dog stops barking. The 72” long, wide-strap collar design and barking device are hypoallergenic, comfortable, and adjustable to the size of your dog’s neck for a perfect fit. Both are also waterproof and useable indoors or outdoors in any weather condition. Works for any breed of small, medium or large dogs between 6 and 120 pounds. For dogs 3 months old and up. The nylon cinch collar (no holes) can be adjusted to fit the smallest pet.


  • 1 Waterproof Nylon Collar (expands up to ~8” diameter or ~25” circumference)
  • 1 Waterproof Anti-Barking Device (2.5”L x 1.5”W x 1.5”H)
  • 2 Extra Plastic Replacement Prongs
  • 2 6Volt Battery

Enjoy the peace and quiet again!


Product description


no shock bark collar