Hokita Dog Fence Wireless & Training Collar Outdoor 2-in-1,Electric Pet Containment System,Waterproof Reflective Stripe Collar, Harmless for All Dogs



Product description


2-in-1 Wireless Dog Fence & Dog Training System
The intelligent wireless fence system is the unique and new type product in the market, with the lovely design shape and simple operation.
It’s capable of the reliably protecting your pet and excellent contain your pet within the set boundary.
If the dog exceed the set activity range,beep and static shock dog training function will automatically start to warn the dog back to the safe area.

Product Features:
Latest No wire , you don’t need to dig to bury wire or stack in your yard.
Rechargeable and waterproof receiver collar, longer life than other similar receivers.
There are 5 different control radius distances—30 files = 30 meters(radius), 60 files = 60 meters(radius), 90 files = 90 meters(radius), 150 files = 150 meters(radius), 300 files = 300 meters(radius).The remote control can reach a radius of up to 984 ft. and cover up to 70 acres.

Important Note:
Please read the manual carefully before use
This product is not applicable to indoor use since there’s too many interference factors in indoor.
You should put the transmitter high enough and open enough to make sure there is no barrier between transmitter and receiver

Package content:
1 * Wireless Transmitter
1 * Collar Receiver
1 * Adjustable TPU strap
1 * Charger
1 * Test Light Tool
2 * Screws
4 * Metal Probes
1 * Manual

  • [Fence mode] — We use 2.4 GHz technology to provide more stable signals than similar products. In fence mode, there are five levels of control distance and control diameter from 98 feet to 1968 feet. The system will customize a circular boundary around the transmitter to limit your dog. When the dog leaves the set range of motion, beep sounds and low-voltage electrostatic shocks are activated to remind it to go back.
  • [Training mode] — Can be switched between fence mode and training mode at any time. In training mode,you can choose beep sound, vibration and electrostatic shock to train your dog at a distance of 984 feet. This product uses low-voltage static electricity, does not harm the dog’s hair and skin, and is equipped with silica gel sheath, which can effectively reduce the stimulation of electric shock to dogs (you can decide whether or not to use it according to the degree of your acceptance of dogs)
  • [RECHARGEABLE & DURABLE BATTERY] — The advanced collar receiver with high capacity built-in battery is rechargeable. The transmitter can be used either after charging or connected to a socket. The device has durable battery, low power consumption, and low battery alert.
  • [Environmentally friendly collar & water-resistant IPX7] — The receiver is IP65 dust-proof and IPX7 waterproof. In order for your dog to enjoy playing in wet places, the collar is designed with environmentally friendly materials. Under normal conditions, it will degrade itself after five years (we will replace the new collar free of charge for life), and the collar is equipped with reflective strips, which can improve the safety of dogs and their visibility at night.
  • [Care-free after-sales service] — The collar can be used for dogs of all sizes. The wireless design of the product can deal with all kinds of terrain. If you have any confusion or dissatisfaction with the product, you can contact our after-sales service team at any time.