Product description

15-Pack – eXtreme Dog Fence – Professional Grade Waterproof Wire Splice Kits

These splice connectors are designed to repair wire breaks in all brands and models of electric dog fence systems. They are the same kits that are used in professional (and D.I.Y.) electric dog fence installations, and will provide a lifetime of reliable performance. The wire nut goes over the copper ends, and slides into the locking capsule, where the wire will be well protected with the silicone grease compound.

These splices are made in America and accommodate these gauges of low voltage wire:

12 Gauge (Overkill Industrial Wire)
14 Gauge (High End Electric Dog Fence Wire)
16 Gauge (Long Lasting Runner Up to 14 Gauge Wire)
18 Gauge (A Step Above the Wire Included With Common D.I.Y. Fence Kits)
20 Gauge (Basic Budget Wire Packaged in 90% of D.I.Y. Fence Kits)
24 Gauge (Cheap Wire Packaged with the Poorly Made and Unreliable Fence Kits)

eXtreme Dog Fence wire splice kits are 100% compatible with all popular pet containment systems, including:

Invisible Fence
Perimeter Technologies
Pet Stop
High Tech Pet