ANTEDEA Blue Electric Dog Fence 2 Collars Covers up to 5 Acre, Advanced Bluetooth 2.4GHz Technology, 100% Waterproof & Rechargeable, 100 Adjustable Level of Beep & Shock


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Product Description

Make your pet roam around freely with our electric dog containment fence which doesn’t make your dog feel caged! The innovative design of our dog fence system gives your friend his much-needed space to wander around without letting him run off! Our TZ-865 electric fence is reliable and cost-efficient as well as safe for your dogs.

electric dog containment fence


Wire Lenght – 1.3 mm / 200 meter

Covers upto 2500 square meters (0.617 acres)

Uses 2020 latest design, advanced Bluetooth 2.4GHz technology for connectivity.

Designed with pulse proportional stimulus.

Variable Field Width Control.

Waterproof and Rechargeable Collar.

Featured with sound and static shock mode.

Unlimited Dog collars supportable for all size & kind dogs

Speed detection anti-run through.

Audible and visual wire break alarm.

electric dog fence


Step 1 – Mount the Transmitter:

Set the transmitter to a power outlet of 110/220V to let it function perfectly. You can either set the transmitter on the wall or the tree and install it with screws.

Step 2 – Set Boundary Flags and Wires:

Connect an end of the wire to one of the wire terminals on the transmitter and set the flags on the boundary based on the diagram you have drafted. Bury the wire around your yard and place the flags to mark the boundary. Finally, connect the other end of the wire to another terminal of the transmitter.

Step 3 – Set Parameters for the transmitter:

  • Press the On / Off button on the transmitter to activate it.
  • The signal field is the distance between the wire and the place where the collar first activated.
  • The control range is the shortest distance between the boundary wire and the receiver collar.
  • The “+/-” button on the transmitter helps to adjust the correction signal intensity.
rechargeable dog fence


Our wired pet containment system utilises a harmless 2.4 GHz radio signal to transfer the data effectively. Just simply wear the collar to your dog’s neck and send it off. When your pet approaches close to the boundary wire, a small warning beep is activated, prompting the dog to return to the safe zone. If the dog continues to get close to the wire, then the warning beep increases and a mild shock will be administered to the dog. Don’t worry that the shock might hurt your pet as its intensity is perfectly safe and can not be increased.

Smart Automatic Pairing

Taking the advanced technology, our wireless dog fence is smart and handy beyond your imagination. Compared with other pet containment systems, our smart dog containment system can auto-match the transmitter and receiver. You will enjoy the most simple process and convenient user experience.

IP65 Waterproof

The wireless fence is equipped with water-resistant collar receiver rated IP65. It allows your dog to play freely in the mud or run in the rain. In case that your dog will play in a wet environment like puddles or grass that has just been watered, the electric dog fence is also available.

  • 2020 ADVANCED BLUETOOTH 2.4GHZ TECHNOLOGY, SUPER ANTI-INTERFERENCE – The dog collar and the controller of our electric dog fence gets paired quickly by Bluetooth and uses 2.4 GHz frequency to communicate with each other. This frequency features a strong anti-interference ability and signal stability to help the transmitter and the collar transfer signals accurately. Our rechargeable dog fence keeps you both connected with flawless connectivity no matter how long your friend runs away!
  • ADJUSTABLE RANGE&SETTING, VARIABLE FIELD WIDTH CONTROL – Gone are the days where you can’t keep your pet around your place. Our dog electric fence will be a great alternative for a cage that reduces your dog’s spirit. This dog invisible fence with two collars are suitable for all sizes and kinds of dogs. Our dog fence with the latest design is totally rechargeable and only consumes less energy to give you long-lasting results. You can set the range you want through the wire!
  • SPEED DETECTION ANTI-RUN THROUGH, AUDIBLE & VISUAL WIRE BREAK ALARM – When the wire is broken, the transmitter’s break button of our dog perimeter fence will light up and be audible. Our wired electric dog fence warns when the dog is close to the set range with a hint at the same position outside and inside the range; it covers a wide area of 0.75 acres. If you like to increase the coverage of the electric dog collar, you can do so up to 5 acres with the purchase of additional wire and flag kits
  • 100 ADJUSTABLE LEVEL OF SOUND & SHOCK, HEAVY-DUTY WIRE – Our pet containment system with 1.3 mm 200-meter wire is designed with advanced pulse proportional stimulus as the receiver’s sound grows louder as the dog approaches the set range, consuming low energy. The boundary width formed by the signal strength can be adjusted from level 1 to level 100, easy to make adjustments based on the dog’s personality and behavioral characteristics; it has sound and static shock modes with fixed intensity
  • UNLIMITED COLLARS SUPPORTABLE FOR ALL SIZE & KIND DOGS, CE AND ROHS APPROVED DOG FENCE – Let your dog roam free around the fence without any fear of hurting. Our dog wire fence system is certified by both CE and ROHS to ensure that it is completely safe for your pet! IPX7 100% Waterproof & Rechargeable dog collar. Since our fence system is waterproof you can now let your pet play in the rain without any fear of electrocution and it can be recharged to continue their use without any interruption