3 Tips When Traveling with Your Dog

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3 Tips When Traveling with Your Dog

Traveling can be a fun experience for your dogs especially as they visit new parks, campgrounds, or other outdoor fun.  Choosing the right pet supplies for travel and packing enough to keep your dog happy and safe with help you both enjoy a great vacation.  The following are 3 tips that will help you when preparing to travel with your Dog.

Dog Carrier or Crate – Knowing that your dog is safely enclosed in his own personal carrier or crate will allow you to sleep worry-free as you simultaneously prevent him from wandering off at night.  Even if you have a cabin, motel or RV, a crate can offer an added layer of comfort for your pet – as well as keep him from climbing into bed with you.

Sturdy Collar or Leash – Considering the unfamiliarity, other campsites and pets, the ability to keep your dog nearby and safe is a must.  Make sure your dog’s collar has an identification tag attached with your contact information, just in case. Choose a rugged collar with a firm clasp, and make sure your leash is waterproof and woods-friendly.

Dog Food – While your dog would be more than likely happy to chow down on your hotel food, his own stash of normal, high-quality dog food is the best meal for him.  If camping, store all food and pet supplies in an animal proof container away from your campsite to avoid unwanted guests.